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Bible Alive
Christian Aid Afghanistan Crisis Appeal
Messy Church
Try Praying
Malawi Safe House

Bible Alive                                                                                                                      Updated February 2022

Thank you so much to everyone who has donated props! We are almost complete with our props! We are now looking for people who can make jackets and headdress from material. If you can sew, we would love to hear from you! The jackets and headdresses we are looking for are of simple design.

If you are interested or can help in this way, please contact Chris Cameron or Jane Campbell.

Christian Aid Afghanistan Crisis Appeal                                                                                 Updated February 2022

Christian Aid is imploring churches to hold a collection for Afghanistan which is heading for catastrophe, with the threat of famine very real for millions of its people. Severe droughts, internal conflict, Covid and now freezing winter weather mean many are struggling to survive and urgently need help.

Humanitarian access has been very difficult but Christian Aid's local partners are now responding and Christian Aid is providing food for the most vulnerable internally displaced people, special nutrition packs for children and pregnant mothers, hygiene kits, and shelter kits against the bitter cold for displaced families.

Recently a Christian Aid worker reported, "We are witnessing suffering like never before".

For more information and how to donate look online at Christian Aid’s website

or alternatively please see or phone me (543446) and I will forward all donations. 

However you do it, please contribute to this appeal.

Margaret Imlay


Messy Church 

Do you have a heart for children and families?
Are you interested in making disciples of all ages?
Would you like to be involved with outreach for children and families but don’t know how to go about it?
Do you like getting Messy with crafts, baking and other activities?
Do you have a passion to pray for the community?

If you have answered YES to one or all of the questions, I would love to hear from you.

Messy Church is a form of Church for children and adults that involves Creativity, Celebration and Hospitality. It meets at a time and a place that is suitable to those who may not belong to any Church. It involves Welcome, Activity Time, Celebration or Worship and a Meal, and would usually meet once a month.

I am looking for a core team of 3-4 people, who have a heart and a passion for children and families, to help set up Messy Church in Newport-on-Tay.

If you are interested, please do get in touch by email, with the heading being ‘Messy Church Core Team’.

Over the coming weeks and months, the core team will be looking for volunteers to help in a variety of roles, including but not limited to,  Welcoming, Registration, Crafts and Activities, Cooks, Prayer and Worship. This is a unique opportunity for the entire congregation to be involved in! 

Chris Cameron


Try Praying 

A lot of you will have (I hope!) been aware of the Trypraying banner and booklets which have been outside the church since the first lockdown last year.

 This is the tenth year of this outreach to people who don’t “do” church by the small Trypraying team based in Edinburgh. I would encourage you strongly to look at their website: where you can find out more.

The free little booklets are beautifully produced and the simple idea is that those of us who do believe should use the booklet for a week and then “lose it” by giving it away to someone you come across or know whom you feel could benefit from it. We are also continuing to make the booklets free for the taking from outside the church.

 Approximately 70 booklets have gone over this last year and I have personally given away several to people in difficult circumstances over this past year and any feedback has been very positive.

 We will be putting up a new banner very soon and replenishing the leaflets both outside and inside the church (now that we are back to using the church building) as part of the 2021 initiative which sees posters on buses throughout Scotland (and also in some English cities) and an increased presence in social media.

 As Christians we are commissioned by Christ to go and make disciples and yet we all find this very difficult, particularly in this age we live in. This is such a simple idea at heart, giving us something to give to those we already know or come across. So many are lost or hurting but would not think of crossing the door of a church and who do not make any link between their situation and this “God business”.

I would encourage you to take a leaflet and take some time over a week to look at it. Then ask God for you to be given the opportunity to “lose it” in a gesture of love and compassion towards someone who does not know God but who needs him.


Thank you

 Alison Heywood

Update on Malawi Safe House - March 2020

As everyone will no doubt remember the church very kindly made a generous donation towards the furnishings of a safe house in Malawi from the Harvest offering.

The progress in putting up the building was delayed by the annual rains which were still going on in mid-February. However the foundations are now laid and hopefully the walls will be going up soon. It is still likely to take two to three months before it is complete.

All the organisation, including the build, is being coordinated by a local organisation called Fisherman’s Rest. They have worked in an area about twenty minutes drive south of the largest city in Malawi, Blantyre for more than twenty years. See map below. If you want to know more about their work go to: The following is adapted from the website (with permission).

‘Fisherman’s Rest was purchased in 1997 by the Chichlowscy family. Since then it has changed from a family home to a family run lodge, which supports long standing community programmes. Fisherman's Rest is set within an enchanting 500 acre forest with breathtaking views over the Great Rift Valley and our very own nature reserve.

For twenty years Fisherman's Rest has been working alongside its communities in the surrounding schools and villages. It is a thriving not for profit Lodge and Nature Reserve, which employs more than one hundred people from the local community.’

Current projects include improving water supply though maintenance of bore holes and pumps, promoting education through school feeding programmes, building classrooms and equipping libraries, and improving the environment through for example tree planting.

To see pictures of some of the work mentioned in this article please click here.

(For more information Catherine and Neil Merrylees email at subject: Malawi Safe House)